Motorists traveling highways near Council Grove can step back in time without leaving their vehicles. Four groups of large silhouette statues, depicting scenes from the area’s history, stand on top of hills, reminding present-day travelers of those who lived in the area long ago.

East South West North

Located in each direction from Council Grove, these statues pay tribute to pioneers, cowboys, and members of the Kaw Indian tribe. To the east is a group of Kaws riding across the Flint Hills; south is a cowboy roping a steer; west is a Kaw shooting an arrow at a fleeing buffalo and north is the "Prairie Traveler," an ox-drawn wagon and mounted traveler.

The Council Grove Chamber of Commerce and the Community Arts Council share copyright of the designs. The project was funded in part by the Warren Gilman estate, the Kansas Arts Commission, and local donors. Rhonda Bryant, Linda Cosgrove, Dr. Dan Frese, Paula Henry, and Mark Sampsel were members of the Community Arts Council who designed, produced, and erected the silhouettes.

The four silhouettes displayed here are officially registered with the United States Copyright Office. Reproduction and use of this artwork is prohibited without permission from the copyright holder.

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