In 2001 the Kaw Mission State Historic Site and Council Grove residents celebrated a special event–the 150th birthday of the Kaw Mission. This sesquicentennial was observed by programs focusing on the history of the Kaw Mission and its associated themes and personalities. A series of articles summarizing the events of 150 years ago was published in the Republican.

September 2000

Construction Begins in 1850

October 2000

Council Grove in 1850

November 2000

The Kaws 150 Years Ago

December 2000

I Accomplished the Work I Had to Do

January 2001

A Horrible Trip for Men So Poorly Provided

February 2001

The House Ready to Be Occupied

March 2001

Smelling the Big Knife

April 2001    Young Thomas Huffaker
June 2001

Wa-Shun-Gah in 1851

July 2001

They Worked Well on the Farm

September 2001

Eliza Huffaker

November 2001

The Operation of the Kaw Mission School

December 2001

The Kaw Mission: An Epilogue


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