24. Other Sites of Interest
Four groups of large silhouette statues, depicting scenes from the area’s history, stand on top of hills, reminding present-day travelers of those who lived in the area long ago.
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Council Grove Reservoir -
A 3,310 acre lake with 40 miles of shoreline.  Complete camping, boating and fishing facilities available.  Hunt on designated public hunting areas or visit the Natural Wildlife Preserve.
Council Grove City Lake -
Located 3.5 miles northwest of Council Grove.  Well stocked 500 acre lake.

Father Padilla Monument -
1.5 miles southwest of Council Grove.  View from county road.

Greenwood Cemetery Wall -
Built in 1871 of native limestone.
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Historic Trees -
Council Grove has been designated as "Tree City USA."  Trees of the Santa Fe Trail era are marked with plaques.